The Clinical RSA Research Network organizes regular meetings at different locations around the world. The first meeting (October 22nd – 25nd 2009) was in Cape Bretton, Canada, organized by Chad Munro of Halifax Biomedical and Dr. Michael Dunbar of CDHA and Dalhousie University. The second meeting (April 7th-8th 2011) was in Leiden, The Netherlands, organized by Edward Valstar, Bart Kaptein and Rob Nelissen of the Leiden University Medical Center. The third meeting was in Lund, Sweden in 2013 organized by Leif Ryd, Gunnar Flivik and Johan Kärrholm.” The fourth meeting was in Bologna, Italy in 2015 organized by Prof Maurilio Marcacci, Laura Bragonzoni and Marco Bontempi of Instituto Ortopedico Rizzoli.

The latest meeting was in Adelaide Australia in 2017 and the next meeting will be in Aarhus Denmark.